Welcome to Zeal Window Cleaning / Frequently Asked Questions


What is the water fed pole system?
The water fed pole or 'W.F.P' is a relatively new system for window cleaning. The system comprises of carbon fibre poles with soft brushes that clean the windows safely from the ground. The water used has been purified through filters which essentially means it is as pure as possible! This means the water left on the windows drys with absolutely no marks at all! Quite fascinating!
Water straight from the tap is very 'hard' and would leave 'spotting' and stains on the glass (think the dreaded kitchen window after washing up) this is why we use pure water stripped of all its dissolved solids, consequently leaving no marks when it drys.

Do you still use ladders and squeeges?
Absolutely! We are extremely fond of the age old squeegee method, we learnt our trade this way and we still use it where appropriate - unlike many other companies who now only provide a W.F.P service.

Are you insured to use ladders these days?
Yes, we are covered for both the cleaning methods stated above. Safety is always a priority for us and you.

Will we need to be in when you come?
We use industrial petrol pressure washers that require no mains power at all, this means you don't need to be home while we're doing the job.

What if I don't have an outside tap?
In some cases when an outside tap isn't an option we use our onboard water tank to feed the pressure washer. However If we can connect to an inside tap we would endeavour to do so, our tanks are usually only sufficient for very small areas of patio.

Will my water bill be affected?
It is highly unlikely you'd notice a change in your bill, the amount of water used for an average job is negligible.

How will you access my roof?
We will use a cherry picker should we need one, or roof ladders that securely hook over the eve of your roof. We will discuss this with you, and come to a safe conclusion dependant on access and height. We are highly trained and experienced in high access equipment.

How do you clean the roof?
We use our pressure washers with a 'turbo nozzle' to clean the roof tiles to there original colour. Pictures can be seen on the 'gallery' page.

Why should I choose zeal?
We are very friendly people, never do we pressure anyone into any job, we're here to serve you and your needs. Our business initially grew from word of mouth based on trust, we are very proud of this and hold that as a key motto to the business. Trust, and a Friendly service go a long way in this day and age. We pride ourselves on how well we treat customers and their property.
Last, but by no means least, we believe our services are the best there is, not in arrogance, but because we are passionate about the services we provide. We treat every job as if it was our own home or business being cleaned. Our expierence and knowledge has been refined and perfected over many years.