Solar Panel Cleaning / Keep them looking and working like new

Solar Panel Cleaning

essex solar panel cleanersHave you installed solar panels to your house or business? If yes then we can keep them looking and working like new!

In order for your solar panels to produce maximum rated power, they need to be free of any contaminates. It has been noted in recent tests that solar panels lose up to 30% output power when left uncleaned.

We provide a professional solar panel cleaning service that restores, cleans and protects your panels.

Using pharmaceutical grade pure water and a purpose built solar cleaning system, we gently clean each panel to its intended state. We do not use any detergents or chemicals which can damage your panels. In fact the water we use is so pure it reads 000 parts per million on a tds meter (Total dissolved solids) Your solar panels will work at the correct rated output for up to a year once cleaned.

Feel free to contact us for any queries or a free quote. Prices start from as little as £30!